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The complete joinery service for the self-builder, renovator, developer, builder, and home-improver.

Kensham doors

Strouds made to measure Kensham doors have been our best selling door in 2009.

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Here at Strouds Woodworking Company we offer bespoke manufacture of wood stairs, doors and windows in addition to all the wooden ancillaries that go into a building be it residential or commercial. Skirting, architrave, door linings, mouldings etc.

Also when you become one of our customers you can receive free advice. We have over 40 years of experience supplying the building trade plus an extensive reference library and contacts with specialists through-out the woodworking industry.

We would ask though, that for advice that is not directly connected to a job in hand with us that you email at advice@stroudswoodworking.co.uk

Strouds Woodworking Company regularly ship items through-out the U.K. - large consignments by our own transport and smaller items by carrier, so no matter where you live Strouds Woodworking can be of service to you.

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